The Best Time of Year to Buy Things by Month

We’ve all seen that prices on various items can vary from month to month (and sometimes from day to day!). So how do you know when to buy those big ticket items? Or when you can get the best deals and stock up on everyday necessities? Bookmark this handy guide and you’ll never have to wonder!

Best time to buy things

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Electronics from Japanese Brands: The fiscal year for Japanese manufacturers ends in March, so you’ll see deep discounts in the second quarter on last year’s model of all kinds of electronics from brands like Casio, Hitachi, Olympus, Panasonic, and Toshiba.

Houses: Real Estate inventory is typically at a yearly high in the spring so it’s a great time to shop for a new home.

Luggage: Luggage and other travel gear is often at its cheapest this time of year because we’re right between peak travel seasons. It’s a good time to pick up new gear and get ready for summer vacation!

Outdoor Markets: As outdoor markets begin to reopen after the winter months, you’ll find many vendors have stocked up over the break and are eager to unload some inventory. Try to visit these events the first weekend they are open to take advantage of some great deals!

Store Closings: Watch for store closing and liquidation sales. Spring time is when companies ditch their old inventory to bring in new. Take advantage and stock up!

Thrift Stores: Spring cleaning means the selection at your local thrift store is likely to be better than any other time of the year. And stores often discount prices to clear out stock and make room too, so it’s a win/win for bargain hunters!


Computers: Pre-back to school sales and new models from Intel and AMD combine to make the summertime the best time to buy a new computer or laptop. If you’re heading to class in the fall, don’t forget to check out the student discounts at your favorite computer store.



Air Conditioners: The weather is cooling down and the need for air conditioning is declining. You’ll find clearance pricing on last years models.

Grills: As we head into the off season for grilling, you’ll see prices begin to drop on the larger gas grills. Small, portable models are still priced normally as they will continue to sell through tailgating season, but once that winds down you can score good deals on those as well.

Plants: If you’re looking for some indoor plants or happen to have a good storage space for them, you can often score some great prices at local nurseries after planting season is through.

Toys and Games: It used to be that the best time to buy toys was right after Thanksgiving, but that’s no longer the case. These days toy sales begin much earlier as parents prepare for the holiday season and you’ll see discounted prices starting around Halloween.



Broadway Tickets: Broadway shows see a drop-off in attendance during the fall and winter. Because of this, lesser-known shows often drop their prices significantly over the colder months. It’s a great time to see a show!




What to buy:

Bedding: “White Sales” have been a January staple for over 100 years. It’s a great time to purchase bedding and other linens at deeply discounted prices.

Carpet and Other Flooring: Many homes purchase cosmetic upgrades prior to the holidays to prepare for all of the company that will be arriving in November and December. Afterward, prices on flooring begin to fall as retailers are trying to clear out the leftover stock. If you’re looking to upgrade your flooring, January is a great time to do it.

Clothing: This is one of the categories that is often deeply discounted in after-Christmas sales. It makes January a great time to refresh your wardrobe!

Computers: Computer Electronics Shows in early January mean low prices for last years models starting just afterward. This is a great time to upgrade your computer or buy add ons you’ve been eyeing.

Furniture (in general): While some specific furniture items are found at better prices at other times of the year, furniture in general tends to be significantly less expensive in January as companies clear out stock to make room for new models that will come out in February. Take advantage of the timing and you could score some sweet furniture deals!

Gift Cards: After the holidays, gift card exchanges are often packed with all of those holiday cards that didn’t quite thrill their giftees. With increased stock comes more pricing competition and you can often score bargain deals on cards through sites like Plastic Jungle and Cardpool.

Holiday Items: Now is a great time to buy holiday decor for next year. If you’ve been eyeing a new artificial tree, or maybe just want to stock up on gift wrap, you’ll find clearance prices well into January at most retailers.

Motorcycles: In the cold and often icy month of January, few people have their eye on a new motorcycle. So, to lure potential customers in, dealers often run clearance events and other special sales. You probably won’t want to spend a lot of time riding your new bike, but January is a great time to buy one if you’re in the market.

Suits: Most consumers purchase big ticket clothing items like suits prior to the holidays, so in January you can find amazing deals.

Video Games: Because games are often a hot-ticket item for holiday gifting, many gaming companies release their biggest titles in the late fall. Retailers look to clear out leftover stock in January so you’ll find great prices in stores, and digital downloads will often be discounted in January sales too.

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Travel: Europe, New York


Purchases to defer:

Grills and Outdoor Furniture: While it would seem the off season would be the best time for outdoor living pieces, January is not ideal for these purchases. Most items will be already cleared out, and the remaining stock will often be at full price. Small sales will be available as the weather begins to warm up, or for the best prices, wait until the fall for clearance sales.

High End Audio Equipment: This is the exception to the Computer Electronics Show rule. Since high end audio equipment tends to have a longer shelf life and be a niche purchase, the prices remain fairly consistent year round. Your better bet is to search for deals around Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Luggage: Luggage and travel gear are often at their peak prices in January as folks seek to escape the cold weather and opt for sunny destinations. Wait until late summer to score the best deals.

Mattresses: While the prices of mattresses can fluctuate widely from one week to the next, it’s usually best to avoid purchasing a new one in January. Wait until Memorial Day, Labor Day, or other similar holidays to find a better price.

Spring Clothing: All of the new styles for spring show up in store in January, but they’re still full price. Give them some time and pick up deals in a month or two when they begin to go on sale. Typically the discounting will begin around Presidents’ Day in late February.




What to buy:

Cell Phones: Buy one-get one sales on cell phones have become a staple of the electronics sale cycle. We’re not particularly sure why, but retailers seem to run these promotions around Valentine’s Day. Take advantage if you’ve been thinking about an upgrade!

Chocolate: I often joke that February 15th is half price chocolate day, but you can find deeply discounted prices on Valentine candy and other chocolates for the remainder of February. Time to treat your sweet tooth!

Movies: After the Oscars nominees are announced, the movies nominated often go on sale. If you like to buy DVDs or BluRays to add to your collection, this may be the best time to do so.

Televisions: Pre-Super Bowl sales often will include deep discounts on televisions and other home entertainment electronics. Look for the best deals on last year’s models and enjoy the big game on a big screen!

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Purchases to defer:

Flower Bouquets: With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of the month, February often sees the highest prices of the year for flower bouquets. Either pre-purchase well in advance, or opt for less expensive Valentine treats. (But… we know that this is one that you’ll probably buy anyway, so check our flower deals out)

Gym Memberships: The high competition in January is over and the warmer weather deals have not yet begun. While any time of the year is a great time to get in shape, you won’t find the best prices on gym memberships in February.

Movie Tickets: For similar reasons, the usual discounts on movie tickets go missing during February. If you want to save some money on your next cinematic experience, it’s best to wait until March.




What to buy:

Frozen Foods: March is National Frozen Food Month and the prices at your local grocer are likely to take a nosedive this month. You’ll also find good prices on chest freezers to store your haul.

Golf Clubs: Now that things are thawing out and warmer weather is right around the corner, new golf clubs are being released for the upcoming season. That means last year’s models will be discounted to clear out inventory room.

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Flowers: Freesia, orchids, roses

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Purchases to defer:

Lingerie: You might think post-Valentine sales on Lingerie would be the best time to buy, but it’s best to wait. Most lingerie stores follow the biggest name in the business, Victoria’s Secret, and hold their deepest discount events in June.

Smart phones: New smart phone models often come out this time of year and it can be very tempting to be one of the first to own your preferred brand. It’s often better though to wait a few months until prices begin to drop and the initial bugs are worked out.

Televisions: If you missed out on the big deals in February, you might consider jumping on the next small sale you see. But sale prices on televisions in March are often underwhelming. Better to wait until Black Friday to score that HDTV you’ve been eyeing.




What to buy:

Caribbean Cruises: Last minute travelers who want to board a cruise line headed for the sunny Caribbean will find some of the best rates in April. In addition, you’ll be sailing before kids get out of school for the summer, so you’ll avoid overcrowding of family cruises, and hurricane season is still a few months off.

Cookware: With wedding season and graduations right around the corner, you’ll start seeing great discount prices on cookware and kitchen essentials in April. It’s a great time to buy a new set of kitchen knives or that high-end cookware you’ve been eyeing all winter.

Freebies for Earth Day/Tax Day: You’ll find a good number of shops and restaurants offer special sales and freebies to celebrate Tax Day (April 15th) or Earth Day (April 22nd). Be sure to take advantage of these special promotions!

Spring Clothes: If you’ve been drooling over those bright and cheerful fashions shown in every store window, we’ve got good news! It’s finally time to refresh your spring wardrobe. The general rule of thumb is that new styles go on sale about 2 months after they’re released. And since spring clothing first hits stores in February, April is the start of sales for the season.

Foods: Artichokes, cauliflower, cucumber, kale, spring cabbage, zucchini

Flowers: Sunflowers, tulips

Travel: Europe, New Orleans, Southeast Asia


Purchases to defer:

Gardening Tools: The ground is beginning to thaw and green thumbs everywhere are just itching to dig in. But April is not a good time to purchase new gardening tools for this very reason. While you will see some sales at the start of the season, if you hold off until May, you’ll find much better prices.

Laptops: April is not a great time of year to purchase computers and laptops. The sales you see now will be dwarfed by better bargains in just a few months when school lets out.




What to buy:

Mattresses: Check out Memorial Day Sales at the end of May for the best prices all year on a new mattress. In addition to discounted prices, you may find added services like delivery or disposal of your old mattress thrown in to sweeten the deal. No matter what time of the year you’re looking to buy a mattress though, never pay full price. Mattress stores run big sales pretty regularly and you can find great prices just about any time of the year with just a little patience and research.

Office Furniture: May is the best time of the year to purchase desks, office chairs, and more. You’ll see many of these prices remain low through the late Spring and early Summer, but then prices begin to climb again prior to Back-To-School.

Picnic Essentials: Items like condiments, salad dressings, disposable dishes, and napkins begin to go on their deepest discounted sales in May, and continue through mid-June. You can thank the perfect picnic weather outside this time of year as you stock up on non-perishables.

Refrigerators: New fridge models are often released in May, so you’ll see a big discount on last year’s stock. Hold off on purchasing other major appliances until the fall, as they are not typically on the same sale cycle.

Vacuum Cleaners: New vacuum models are usually released in June, so look for a drop in prices on last year’s model in May to make room for the new stock.

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Purchases to defer:

Apple Products: The Apple developers’ conference is in June each year and there are always announcements about the hottest upcoming products. If you can hold off until then, you’ll score great prices on the current models as fans await the autumn product releases.

Jewelry: You may be tempted by Mother’s Day sales on jewelry, but it’s actually one of the worst times to find deals. Stick with less traditional Mother’s Day gifts and then treat mom to something shiny over the summer when prices will be much better.


What to buy:

Dishes: We all know June is peak wedding season, and most brides have dishes and china patterns on their gift registry. To entice buyers, retailers often offer great prices so it’s a good time to buy new dishes whether you’re hearing wedding bells or not!

Gym Memberships and Equipment: New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten and the weather is warm enough to go for a jog outside. This means low attendance at your local gym. It’s a great time to take advantage of drops in membership price, or haggle down the price of home gym equipment.

Tools: Many top tool brands offer their lowest prices in time for Father’s Day. Take advantage and pick up those high-ticket power tools you’ve been eyeing! Check out deals from Lowes and Home Depot.

Foods: Asparagus, broad beans, carrots, cucumber, dairy, tomatoes, zucchini

Flowers: Daffodils, orchids, sunflowers

Travel: Canada, Colorado, St. Augustine Florida, Utah


Purchases to defer:

Shirts and Ties: Unlike tools, prices on mens’ shirts and ties are typically hiked leading up to Father’s Day. Wait until the holiday has passed to find better prices on these wardrobe staples.

Summer Essentials: With the weather heating up, demand for summer clothes, air conditioners, bicycles, patio furniture, and grills is at its peak. If you wait just a few months (or at least until July 4th sales), you can save big on these items, so hold off if possible.


What to buy:

Amazon Branded Items (Prime Day): If you’re a fan of the online retail giant, you’re probably already familiar with Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Many of the best deals tend to sell out quickly, and others are not as good as you might hope, but if you’re in the market for an Amazon Branded item, this is the best time of the year to purchase. You’ll find deep discounts on Kindle, Fire TV, Echo, and more!

Furniture: New furniture styles are often released in August, so July is another good time to buy home furnishings. Stores will be clearing out current models to make room for the new ones, so you can find some deeply discounted sales.

PC Video Games: During the summer months, video game manufacturers drop prices and often run big online sales. Make sure you check out the Steam Summer Sale for incredible prices on indie games, as well as some options from the bigger developers.

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Flowers: Daffodils, sunflowers, zinnia

Travel: Brazil, Florida


Purchases to defer:

School Supplies: It may be tempting to try to beat the crowds and stock up on school essentials early, but if you wait until sales are in full swing you’ll find much better prices. This also applies to office supplies and office furniture.

Sunglasses: Cheap drug store sunglasses are priced to move year-round, but if you have your eyes on a pair of nicer shades, you should probably hold off. Big chains like Sunglass Hut and offer their best sales of the year in the fall, so if you can wait, you’ll see prices slashed in just a few months.


What to buy:

Kids’ or Teen Clothes: Back to school season is a great time to purchase new clothes for the smaller members of the family. You’ll find sales in all of the children’s clothing departments. And you might score some good deals on basics for the adults in the family in the juniors or young men’s departments too!  You an also find tax-free weekends in many states.

Office Furniture: Back to school also means discounts on furniture like desks, chairs and filing cabinets. You can take advantage of most of the sales whether you’re a student or not, so this might be the time to redo your home office or freshen up your workplace.

School Supplies: In addition to clothing and furniture, the upcoming school year brings bargain prices on school and office supplies. Now is the time to stock up on pens, paper, printer ink, and so much more!

Storage Containers: With college bound freshmen heading out, you’ll find great discounts on the storage solutions they’ll need to organize their dorm life. You can also find great prices on other dorm necessities like linens.

Swimwear: With the end of pool season, many retailers are trying to clear out summer swimwear to make room for fall fashions. You can save big on swimsuits and swim or pool accessories!

Foods: Apples, apricots, blueberries, broad beans, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cherries, cucumber, green peppers, peaches, red cabbages, runner beans, savoy cabbages, spring cabbages, watermelon, zucchini

Flowers: Gerbera daisies, magnolias, zinnias

Travel: Australia, Mexico


Purchases to defer:

Phones and Tablets: Most major manufacturers offer their new models in the fall, so if you purchase in late summer, you’re buying at the tail end of full-price. Wait for the new models to be released then scoop up the older ones to save big on your favorite tech.


What to buy:

Bicycles: As the weather begins to cool, and new bike models are released, look for last year’s bicycles to drop significantly in price.

Broadway Tickets: The second “off season” for Broadway typically hits around September. You can get discount prices on shows looking to fill seats.

Cars: We’ve all seen those “end of model year clearance sales” at local dealerships. If you’re in the market for a new car, this is often the best time to buy. Toward the end of the month, you’ll find dealers are far more willing to haggle down prices. It’s also a great time for used car sales as folks are trading up during the clearance.

Large Appliances: Large appliances are often at their lowest prices in September and sometimes into October. New models are beginning to hit the showroom floor, so you can save a bundle on last year’s offerings. The exception is refrigerators, which are normally at their best price in May.

Lawn Equipment: Summertime has come to a close so lawnmowers, weed eaters, and all kinds of other landscaping equipment will go on clearance sales in September. The selection won’t be as good as the start of the season, but the prices will be much lower!

Holiday Travel: If you’re planning to travel over the upcoming holiday season, now is the time to book your plane tickets. Generally peak-time airfare is cheapest two months in advance, so plan ahead and save!

School Supplies: School is back in full swing and often stores are clearing out the overstock from their back-to-school sales. Take advantage and save on everything you’ll need for the rest of the school year (or for your home or office).

Wine: The best time to stock up on wine is typically around harvest time. Vineyards are releasing their latest vintages and you can find bargains and an excellent selection.

Foods: Apples, blackberries, blueberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbages (all varieties), carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, kale, runner beans, zucchini

Flowers: Hyacinths, snapdragons, zinnias

Travel: Hawaii, Vancouver


Purchases to defer:

Diamonds: The summer months often see the lowest prices on diamonds, and retailers get new stock in October, but September is a wasteland of poor selection at full price. If you’re thinking of popping the question or just in the market for some bling, best to plan ahead or wait for clearance sales when the newest designs are released.




What to buy:

Jeans: After the back-to-school rush is done, stores often have excess stock on jeans. Make sure to shop before the holiday shopping season starts and you can often find great prices on your favorite denim.

Patio Furniture: As the weather chases everyone indoors, you’ll find closeout pricing on patio furniture.

Foods: Apples, blackberries, brussels sprouts, cabbages (all varieties), carrots, cauliflower, celery, grapes, kale, runner beans, yams

Flowers: Lilies of the valley, liatris, sunflowers

Travel: Mexico, Park City Utah


Purchases to defer:

Perfume and Jewelry: October is the no mans land between summer sales and holiday discounts. Gift items like perfume and jewelry will be significantly marked down as the holiday shopping season gears up in November, so it’s better to wait for the sales to begin.

Power Tools: Tools are often at full price this time of year, so if a project isn’t urgent, it may be best to wait until holiday sales discount the tools you need.

Winter Boots and Coats: The newest styles are just hitting stores and prices are at their highest. Wait a month or two if you can and you’ll save big with holiday sales.



What to buy:

Candy: The day after Halloween brings clearance sales on Halloween candy. As long as you don’t mind spooky-themed wrappers and packaging, you can stock up on your favorite candies at incredible prices!

Televisions and Electronics: Black Friday sales mean bargain prices on TVs and other big ticket electronics. Make sure to do your research first though as some of those “discounts” are not as great as the stores make them out to be.

Foods: Brussels sprouts, cabbages (all varieties), carrots, cauliflower, cranberries, pumpkin, kale

Flowers: Lilies (various)

Travel: Arizona, Dominican Republic


Purchases to defer:

Bedding: While you’ll see some holiday sales on bedding, and they may look tempting, you’ll do better to wait for the January white sales.

Cell Phones: While most electronics are seeing rock bottom sales prices, cell phones are an exception since they’re usually paid for with your phone service. Instead, wait until you renew your contract and then make sure you negotiate wisely.

Home Furnishings: While you’ll see plenty of furniture sales prior to the holidays, better prices can be had in the summertime. Hold off if you can and you’ll be glad you did!

Travel: Since everyone is trying to book their flights and hotels for the holidays, November is often the worst time of the year to make travel arrangements. If you missed out on the best prices last month, at least ensure you book with a site that will refund a portion if prices go down, then keep an eye out for price drops and be sure to take screenshots for proof.




What to buy:

Candy or Flowers: Free shipping day is held every year in mid-December. It’s often the best time to purchase items like candy and flowers for the holidays. The cost of the shipping usually outweighs any promotional prices you may see leading up to the holidays.

Champagne: Holiday celebrations bring big competition for champagne companies, and often they’ll lower prices to gain sales. Stock up in December for all of your upcoming toasts.

Pools: Swimming may be the last thing on your mind in December, but for that reason you’ll find deep discount on above ground pools and pool installation.

Foods: Brussels sprouts, cabbages (spring, white, and savoy), carrots, cauliflower, kale, mushrooms, pears, sweet potatoes

Flowers: Gardenias, poppies, larkspur

Travel: Las Vegas


Purchases to defer:

Exercise Equipment: Next month retailers will be taking advantage of New Year’s Resolutions and dropping prices on everything you need to get in shape. Wait until January to pick up great deals on sporting goods, exercise equipment, and workout apparel.

High-End Electronics: Most high-end electronics manufacturers release their newest products to coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show. If you wait until next month, you’ll see this years’ models drop in price to make room for the latest and greatest.


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