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It’s been nearly a decade since Amazon launched the Kindle and revolutionized the way we read. Today, the Kindle family includes a variety of products, from the Kindle Paperwhite and the new Kindle Oasis to Kindle Fire tablets. The full line is designed to read eBooks from the Kindle Store or listen to Audio books from Audible, and of course, there are several subscription services like Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading too! If you’re looking for a Kindle promo code to get a great deal, look no further.

More About Kindle

Kindle is a brand series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. It was introduced on the market in 2007.

It all began with the CEO of Amazon; Jeff Bezos had his employees build the best e-reader before his competitors could, in 2004. The team named it Kindle, meaning to light a fire, as they felt this was an appropriate metaphor for reading and intellectual excitement.

The original Kindle was introduced in 2007 and was so popular; it literally flew off the shelves and was sold out within hours of its release, and it was out of stock for six months. Since then, there have been many improvements to the original model that was a 6-inch screen with 250MB of memory, with an SD card slot for additional memory. It sold for about $400.

Kindle eventually evolved in 2009 when they introduced the Kindle DX. It had a much larger screen, keyboard options, higher resolution and contrast screens. And it was also a tablet with the Kindle app, Kindle Fire. The price was originally $490, however has dropped to $380 to compete with current tablets and cheaper Kindle models.

Today, everyone can own a Kindle as the new Kindle Touch is $99 and the non-touch model sells for $79. It sports a fresh new design that slims the Kindle down. Today you can pick up a Kindle on the Amazon website or in many department stores, general merchandise stores and specialty stores. With your Kindle device you can browse books on Amazon, download and read public domain works, check your email, read blogs, get directions or anything else you can do with mobile Internet, look words up in the dictionary, listen to mp3s, read your own files, buy and read new releases and listen to a story.

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