Official Coupon Code Scholarship FAQ


In order to make the application process easier, we have compiled a list of FAQs based on questions we have received.


Will you be offering a scholarship for the 2018-2019 year?

Unfortunately, we have decided not to offer a scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year. We are investing most of our financial resources into our other site, FACT goods, which helps raise funds for cancer research & other charities. That has lead to us making the tough decision to temporarily discontinue the scholarship.


Has the 2017-2018 scholarship winner been picked yet?

Yes! The winner was Emma Hochfelder – learn more here.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is July 15th at midnight MDT.


How should I answer the essay?

Please answer the questions in one cohesive essay rather than as three separate answers.


Can the essay be more or less than 1,000 words?

Your essay can be less than 1000 words but should not be more than 1000.


Is it 1,000 words per question or total?

You have 1,000 words total to use to answer the three questions, not 1,000 words to use for each question.


Do I have to answer the questions in order?

No, you do not have to answer the questions in order.


I didn’t get a confirmation. Did you get my application?

If you did not get a confirmation message on the screen, your application has not been sent. Please ensure you are using an up to date browser and ensure that you are answering all questions in the correct format (including phone #). If the page refreshes, and you are still on the application page, your application had a formatting issue and has not been sent. Please try again.


I’m studying abroad next year. Am I still eligible?

If you are enrolled in an accredited US-based college or university, but studying abroad for the year or semester, you are still eligible to apply. If you are attending a foreign school which doesn’t have ties to one based in the USA, you are not eligible for the scholarship.


I’m studying part-time. Am I still eligible?

Unfortunately, this scholarship is only available to full-time students.


I’m in the middle of a gap year. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, you’re eligible so long as you’re planning on attending school in the USA or one of its territories full time next year.


I’m starting school in the spring of 2018. Am I still eligible for the scholarship?

Unfortunately, this scholarship is only available to full-time students who are enrolled for the full school year.


I’m from another US territory such as Guam. Am I eligible to apply?

The rules state that you must reside in the US or Puerto Rico, however we will gladly look at applications from other US territories.


I’m not a US citizen and/or I don’t have a green card. Am I eligible?

Yes, you are eligible to apply.


What are the essay questions?

You will find the essay questions on the application page.


How do I save my application and come back to it later?

Unfortunately, you can’t save your application while it’s partially complete. We recommend that you write your essay in Word or a different text editing program and then paste it in when you are ready to submit your application.


The application page says that I submitted the essay already, but I haven’t! What should I do?

The easiest thing to do is to use a different browser, but if you only have one installed, you can clear your cookies or cache and that will let you submit an application.


Has the 2016-2017 scholarship winner been picked yet?

Yes! The winner was Kankan Ndoye – learn more here.


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