7 Ways to Save Money on Food in College

Saving money on food in college doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many ways you can save money and eat healthy as well, and we’ve compiled 7 tips to help you keep some spending money for concerts, movies and other fun stuff!


1. If you eat out very often, save money by purchasing discounted gift cards to the restaurants you go out to eat. Websites like, and can help you get discounts to up to 50% by purchasing gift cards. (Source: also offers a ton of special coupons, so you can save even more, and a lot of restaurants also offer loyalty programs that bring special offers.


2. Another way to save money is by planning your meals in advance. By planning your meals in advance you will know exactly what food items to purchase and plan a budget accordingly. You can use the web to search for weekly menus and recipes that are inexpensive to prepare. Having a list of the specific items that you need for your weekly menus will help you avoid buying unnecessary food items. (Source:


3. Now that you have your weekly menu and list of food items, you would also need to plan where to shop. You can use websites such as or apps like Flipp, Retale, and others to help you browse through the weekly ads and get the best price for your money.


4. You can also buy a slow cooker and prepare your meals in advance. Having a slow cooker allows you to put your unprepared food in the slow cooker early in the morning. When you arrive to your dorm room, or apartment, your dinner will be ready for you. It’s easy and saves you time and money.


5. You can get money back on items that you buy everyday by using apps such as iBotta. Simply save your receipts of the items you purchase. Take a picture of the receipt and pick which items you have purchased. These companies will pay you a specific amount of money for particular items purchased. The companies get your consumer data, and you get back some of that much needed money. (Source:


6. Keeping track of what you have already purchased can save you a lot of money. How many times have you been at the store wondering if you have milk at home? Apps such as “Out of Milk” and “Supercook” can help you keep track of your food at home.


7. And lastly, avoiding vending machines can save you big money. If you compare the price of a bag of potato chips from a vending machine versus how much it would be at the grocery store, you would be surprised. You can buy a big bag of potato chips at the grocery store, and then divide the chips into small Ziploc bags for snacks.


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