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We get it.

You’re hungry, NOW. But, you want to make sure you get a great deal on that meal you’re about to enjoy. Whether you’re a starving student, starving artist, or a busy Mom (or Dad), we’ve created this list to help you quickly find deals from your favorite restaurants.

Since you’re probably famished, or maybe just in a hurry, we put the ones that don’t require an email sign up or account right at the top for you.

If you need something quick, but want to eat healthy, take a look at Health magazine’s guide.

We broke this list up into three parts:

  1. Restaurants that publish coupons or deal on their sites, no strings attached.
  2. Restaurants that offer coupons via their email or loyalty / rewards programs.
  3. Restaurants that don’t seem to offer coupons, but we didn’t want you to think we forgot about them.


Restaurant Coupons (no email signup required!)

These restaurants publish coupons or deals on their website, no strings attached. If your favorite isn’t on the list, keep scrolling down and you can find a link to their rewards program.

Applebees – Get $5 off your $25+ order for a limited time

Burger King – Find 2 for $5, 2 for $4 and 5 for $4 type deals here

Carl’s Junior – They make it very easy to click and print the latest coupons for burgers and more

Church’s Chicken – Printable coupons tailored to your zip code

Dairy Queen – These tend to be more geared toward telling you what’s new than providing an outright coupon, but it’s worth a quick check

Del Taco – A mix of deals that don’t need coupons, some printable coupons, plus an easy way to join their rewards club which gets you a couple of free tacos

Dominos – Find their best national deals, plus coupons for your local area. Or check our Dominos page.

Dunkin Donuts – Contests and promotions. Connect to their twitter page for deals, or find deals for AARP members.

Hardee’s – Similar to Carl’s Jr above, they offer a couple of coupons that you can click and print

Little Caesars – Enter your zip code to find the closest Little Caesars, plus find coupons if that particular location has them

McDonalds – A couple of promotions, plus ways to get more deals (like downloading their mobile app)

We have a couple of Papa Johns coupons for you; otherwise, you can find their email promotions here.

Pizza Hut – A list of deals, plus an easy way to order that particular deal online

Popeyes – Enter your zip code and find local coupons & deals

White Castle – Exclusive online deals, plus a way to get their app deals

Restaurants that offer coupons via email or rewards programs

In order to get official coupons from these restaurants, they want you to either sign up for their email list or join their rewards program. Most of these restaurants are likely to send a coupon out right away, so you might as well try signing up before your walk or drive over, or place your order online.

Arby’s – Sign up and get a free coupon for a roast beef classic when you buy a drink. The coupon comes immediately.

Baskin Robbins – Sign up with facebook or your email and get special discounts throughout the year, plus a special birthday club deal

Bojangles – Get a free Cheddar Bo biscuit with any purchase just for signing up, plus additional deals. The biscuit coupon comes immediately.

Boston Market – Sign up to get $3 off your next purchase of $10 or more

Breugger’s Bagels – Exclusive email deals for their subscribers. I received a coupon for a free bagel w/cream cheese (with drink purchase) the morning after signing up.

Chick-fil-a – Sign up for exclusive email deals

Chili’s – Get 60 points right away when you sign up for the program, which is enough for a free menu item. Plus get a dessert on your birthday.

Chipotle – Sign up for future deals & news

Culver’s – Sign up and get a free Value Basket with the purchase of a Value Basket

Einstein Bros – Get a free Bagel & Shmear with purchase just for signing up

El Pollo Loco – Get free Chips and Guacamole when you join.

Firehouse Subs – Sign up to get a free free large drink with the purchase of any sub. The coupon comes immediately.

Jack in the Box – A coupon is revealed on the screen immediately once you fill out your email or mobile info

Jamba Juice – Sign up to get $3 off on your next visit, but you’re required to put in a phone # (hint: consider using your office # if you don’t want to get text messages)

Jason’s Deli – You can opt in to only get promotional messages, plus get a $5 coupon on your birthday if you want to give them your birth date

Jersey Mike’s – Get a free sub & drink on your birthday. You can enter in your zip code for local deals.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – Super easy signup. All you have to provide is your email address.

Long John Silvers – Get a free fish & fries when you sign up. Once you create your account, you’ll get a page featuring 9 printable deals. Another coupon comes to your email about 10 minutes after signing up.

Olive Garden – Get a free appetizer or dessert when you buy two adult entrees. It’s also easy to sign up for deals from other related restaurants like Seasons 52.

Panera – Get a Free Pastry or Sweet Welcome Reward as soon as you sign up.

Qdoba – Get a free order of Chips and Salsa or Regular Drink loaded on your card just for signing up

Red Robin – Rewards program with a ton of benefits, but no immediate coupons

Rubio’s – Get a free taco when you sign up. They say it can take 24-48 hours to arrive, but mine came the morning after signing up.

Ruby Tuesday – Sign up to get a free appetizer coupon within 24 hours (mine came the morning after signing up).

Sonic – Sign up to get offers emailed to you. No specific incentives for signing up.

Steak n Shake – Sign up for special offers, including deals for kids.

Subway – No specific deal highlighted for signing up

Taco Bell – Sign up and get a coupon on the screen right after you create your account. Mine was for 10% off my order, but the deals may vary or change.

TGI Friday’s – You’ll immediately get a free appetizer or dessert, plus a Jump the Line Pass when you sign up. Phone # is required.

Tim Hortons – No specific incentive for signing up.

Wendy’s – No specific incentive for signing up. The “my account” area has a section for offers, but there were no offers in there upon account creation.

Whataburger – No specific sign up incentive

Which Which – This one is a bit different. Once you visit the store to get a sandwich, get a loyalty card from them. Register it online and you’ll get a free drink.

Wingstop – Get a free order of fries when you sign up

Yogurtland – Get a free 3oz yogurt just for registering


Restaurants that don’t seem to offer official coupons online

We really like some of these places and didn’t want you to think we forgot about them, but we couldn’t find good deals online. You can always try signing up for their emails, but some of them (like Five Guys) are very clear about not offering coupons.

Five Guys – They’re very clear on their about us page – they don’t discount their food.

In-N-Out – They don’t offer coupons online, but you might want to check out their secret menu

Krispy Kreme – We couldn’t find them online, but you can download their mobile app and get a coupon that way.

Panda Express – They have a coupon page, but it’s not actively maintained so we won’t send you there.

Here are some other ways to save money on food:

  1. Save money on groceries with our printable coupons
  2. Or you find a great deal from if you’re eating somewhere other than a fast food or quick serve restaurant.



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