Official Coupon Code Press Release – 9/20/2016

“Thinking Globally and Acting Locally” nets Rhode Island student $3,000

Kankan Ndoye of Bay Path University wins inaugural Future Leaders Scholarship from

Last Thursday evening, Antonella Pisani, CEO of Official Coupon Code called Kankan Ndoye with the news that she beat out nearly 7,000 students to win a $3,000 scholarship to continue the pursuit of her medical science degree at Bay Path University.

Applicants were asked to answer 3 of 4 essay questions covering topics including their volunteer activities, most inspirational teachers, desire to travel and their favorite quotes. An infographic highlighting the top 10 quotes the applicants cited may be found here.

Pisani said, “We had some incredible candidates including those who have worked globally and domestically to build wells, repair houses, feed the hungry and improve life for less fortunate kids. I read applications from someone who had volunteered in Pakistani orphanages, someone with cerebral palsy who was volunteering with Best Buddies – stories that were amazing and gave me a lot of hope for the future. While many of the applicants were traditional students, we also saw some who were going back to school as non-traditional students, including one who was returning after 12 years. Some applicants were first generation Americans, others had overcome serious medical issues and several had once been homeless. It was inspiring to read these stories and very difficult to pick just one winner.”

Ndoye was selected for her contributions at the Wanskuck library in Rhode Island over a three year period, where she exposed kids to math and science, and in her third year was funded by the Otto H. York Foundation to create a beginner’s Sociology class to teach children about current events, cultural change and traditions throughout across Mexican, Middle Eastern, Japanese and Ukrainian cultures. In her essay, she wrote, “I am proud to be a part of a community that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to learn and explore outside the realms of their school and home… The most valuable asset that I have and will continue to have in my lifetime is my knowledge and education, but it is useless unless I share it with others.”

“We loved the cause that Kankan was working to address – teaching underprivileged kids about different cultures and the world around them. Her dedication to this cause over an extended period of time showed that it was something that she was extremely passionate about and she exemplified something that many students wrote about in their essays – the idea of thinking globally, but acting locally. Travel is a passion of mine and I think it’s admirable that she was focused on inspiring young minds to consider the possibility of exploring these countries as they get older,” said Pisani.

Of winning the scholarship, Kankan said, “With this scholarship, I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a medical doctor. I am honored to have received this award, which will allow me to further my education. In the future, I would like to honor students who seek to continue their education but lack the financial abilities, just as Official Coupon Code has done for me.” On the call informing her of the award, she said that she had applied for 100 scholarships this summer in the hopes of winning one. In her application she recognized Sharon Kozlowski of Classical High School as the teacher who most inspired her in and that she will “always be grateful for her patience, advice and wisdom.”

Pisani, CEO, along with Scott Laverty, CIO of Shane Co., a friend and advisor, selected Ndoye as the winner. Of the winning application, Laverty said, “Ms. Ndoye epitomized what we were looking for in a winner – someone committed to a focused cause over a prolonged period of time. I loved her passion for ensuring that children in her community had the opportunity to learn more about the world and cultures around them. Millennials seem to be taking a bad rap of late, but after personally reading more than 1,000 applications, I am heartened by the knowledge that there is a large group of college students already having a positive impact on the world and acting as strong leaders.”

The 2017-2018 scholarship application period is now open, with a winner to be selected next summer. Details are available online at

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