15 Creative Ways to Save Money



While we offer coupons from your favorite stores, brands and services, we know that sometimes you need to get a bit creative to save even more money.  Whether you’re saving for retirement, for a trip, or to help pay off credit card balances, we have 15 ideas below that can help you pocket a bit of extra cash.



1. Get your hair done for free

Search for local beauty schools. Sometimes these schools need models to train their students on things such as blowouts, cut and/or color. Since a supervisor is always present, the chances of a disaster are slim. If it’s not free, it will definitely be less expensive than a traditional salon.


2. Cut co-pays

If you take prescription meds regularly, ask your doctor for a three-month supply. Sometimes doing so turns out cheaper than buying the same pills month to month.


3. Take advantage of free fitness classes

Many gyms and fitness studios offer at least one free class or session. You can try a new place and get a workout for free at the same time.  Many apartment buildings also now offer Yoga or other classes for free.


4.Shop for groceries on Wednesdays

Many grocery stores launch their new sales on this day. Shoppers who browse the aisles on this day get first-pick on newly discounted products. Also, since many stores will honor the previous week’s deals you might end up saving even more.


5. Go to a food truck for date night

Nowadays there are plenty of food truck offerings nationwide. Oftentimes, the food is delicious at a fraction of the price. This way, you can dine outside and have a new experience for less than going out to a traditional restaurant.


6. Go to the grocery store less frequently

Experts say that going to the grocery more often causes you to purchase things you might not need. If you go less to the grocery you will have to create meals with what you have. This way you can be more creative in the kitchen, cut food waste, and save some money.


7. Reduce your credit card interest rates

According to Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman you can reduce your interest rate by just calling to the credit card company. So go ahead and try it! You might end up with a better deal on your credit card fees.  Continue making the same payment as before your rate dropped and apply the difference to your balance.


8. Don’t order drinks when you dine out.

Even though it might seem like a small amount, over time it will add up. Instead of ordering a drink, ask for water. You’ll spend less over time, can save more and it’s a healthier option than many high calorie drinks.


9. Give up a bad habit

Give up smoking or drinking, or anything you consider a ‘bad habit’ in your life and put that money in a savings account. Some people have successfully eliminated their smoking habit this way. You can then use that money to fund a trip, pay off student loans or add it to your retirement fund.

10. Don’t go shopping when you’re sad

Often times a shopping spree can help us feel better, but it can also have a negative impact on our wallets. Identify moments when you’re feeling sad and/or upset and hold off on any purchases for a day or too. You can try exercising instead, which will release endorphins and make you feel better.


11. Pick one bill denomination and save it

Decide which denomination you’ll save. Every time you get a bill in that denomination save it. You can use the money for a specific purpose or just as a way to increase your savings.


12. Grow some veggies

Make a list of staple vegetables you keep in your kitchen. Do some research and grow them on your own. You might decrease your grocery bill and get a new hobby.


13. Reassess portion sizes at meal time

If you have a lot of food left over when you cook, try limiting the portions. That way you can reduce your grocery bill and who knows, maybe you can start eating more healthy.  When you’re eating at a restaurant, you can split your dish in half and take the other portion home.


14. Check if the library has free passes to local attractions

Some library offer passes to different cultural activities around the city. This is a great a way to extend your discretionary income and enjoy some cultural activities.  Worst case, you may be able to rent a cool new book instead of buying it!


15. Plan your meals around your grocery store’s flyer

Every week grocery stores put out flyers with items of sales. Plan your meals around these sales. That way you’ll get more creative with your meals and reduce your grocery bill.


Want more ideas? Check out these creative money saving tips & ideas from US News, Bankrate, Greatist, The Simple Dollar, LifeHack, Apartment Therapy & Natalie Bacon

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