Coupon Stacking Online to Save More on Your Purchase

Coupon Stacking Online

Coupon stacking is the practice of applying more than one coupon to a single purchase.  These can be percent off, dollar off, shipping or other types of coupons including site-wide or item specific discounts.

While many sites don’t allow coupon stacking, there are some large websites that do.  If you try stacking on your mobile and it doesn’t work, you can always try your desktop.  Why does that matter? A lot of sites still have two different websites for mobile and desktops!


Here are some retailers that offer coupon stacking online:

Before you give up hope on other websites, try these three tactics:


1. Purchase a gift card at a discount and use that to pay along with a coupon code.

Since gift cards are a form of payment, they can be combined with promo codes or coupons.  If you can score a deal on a gift card, whether by buying it when there’s a sale or by getting one from a site like Cardpool or eBay, you can combine that with another offer for extra savings.

2. Try to combine a shipping and other discount code.

In my experience (16+ years on the retail side), many retailers exclude coupon stacking for two sitewide discounts, but will allow shipping and other discounts to be combined.

3. Try to combine an item discount with a site-wide or category discount.

While it may be a long-shot, you can also try to combine a site-wide or category discount (let’s say 15% off your purchase) with an item discount (let’s say 10% off a specific Kitchenaid mixer).  This doesn’t always work, but several retailers do allow these two types to be combined and it never hurts to try!

Ready to give it a try? Check out our online coupons for your favorite stores, brands, hotels & services.

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