Best Places to Save in Canada

In the US, stores like Kohl’s and Hobby Lobby are known for their amazing coupons and deals on all kinds of products. But what about Canada? Whether you’re a native Canadian, a US expatriate living north of the border, or just a visitor to the frozen north wanting to score

How to Choose the Best Flowers for Birthdays

If you’re looking for a bright and colorful delivery to make someone’s birthday special, the choices available can be overwhelming. What kind of flowers are appropriate? After all, you don’t want to send an arrangement that looks more like a funeral than a celebration. Did you know that flowers have

10 Best Craft Stores for Supplies & Classes

Whether you’re looking for a craft store for a last minute school project, or are interested in building your own holiday decorations, we have you covered. From knitting to quilting, scrapbooking and even photography, these craft stores can turn you into an expert in no time!   Many offer classes in

How to Shop from Stores and Sites that Don’t Ship to Canada

We’ve all run into those great online deals that are only available if you have a US shipping address, or US stores that don’t ship to Canada. Even stores that also have a Canadian site may offer far better pricing for US customers. Of course, if you have a helpful

15 Ways to Save on Clothing (and Related Expenses)

  According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, Canadians spend over $1.600 on clothing per person, per year. Fashions are constantly changing and we all like to have something new and pretty from time to time. But clothing costs can add up quickly and blow your budget, or

Grocery Shopping Hacks to Save Big

  We hope you’ll find these grocery shopping tips and tricks helpful. With a little planning and knowledge, you can cut your grocery bill significantly, and you’ll really see the savings add up over time!   Before You Go Coupons: Is it really worth the time and effort to clip

How Often Should You Replace These 25 Common Household Items?

  By Holly M, Contributing Writer While there are plenty of things that we replace only when they’re worn out or depleted, some household items need to be replaced more frequently. We’ve all got that favorite pillow or mascara that we’ve been hanging on to for years, but it really
How often should you replace household items

4 Tips to Stay Safe When Shopping Online

    We know that shopping online can be scary, especially when you hear about cybersecurity and breaches.  We have pulled together 4 tips to help you and your financial information stay safe when shopping online. By Michelle R., contributing writer 1) Protect your identity and your cash Online shopping has

5 Tips to Help Avoid Sensory Overload While Shopping

  By Holly Melton, contributing writer If you’ve never really thought about all of the overwhelming sensations that a simple trip to the grocery store or shopping mall contains, you might find Lynne Soraya’s article in Psychology Today, entitled Shopping While Autistic, enlightening. In it she chronicles a trip to
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