75 Stores & Places that Offer Discounts for Teachers

By Holly M., Contributing Writer   Teachers are the underpaid heroes of our local communities. They work long hours, put up with everything and anything that kids can throw at them, and often spend their own time and money on supplies for their classrooms. Fortunately, there are some businesses who

100 Places & Stores that Offer Military Discounts

As a veteran or current member of the US Military, you may be entitled to benefits such as discounts and freebies at your favorite shops and restaurants. While some businesses choose to offer special benefits only on special “Military Appreciation” days or holidays like Veterans Day, others offer special pricing

100 Places that Offer Senior Discounts

Senior discounts at retailers and restaurants are becoming more and more popular now that baby boomers are getting to retirement age. Would you like to save a bit of dough by showing your ID or being an AARP member?  In most cases you’ll just need a driver’s license or other

100+ Stores that Offer Student Discounts

  As a student, managing your money can be difficult. We’ve all heard the stories of students surviving on nothing but ramen noodles for months. But there’s a better way! Take advantage of the many opportunities presented here to save some cash on your essential purchases, and you’re sure to

Coupon Stacking Online to Save More on Your Purchase

Coupon stacking is the practice of applying more than one coupon to a single purchase.  These can be percent off, dollar off, shipping or other types of coupons including site-wide or item specific discounts. While many sites don’t allow coupon stacking, there are some large websites that do.  If you

Scared to Start Couponing? Here’s How To Get Started!

  Couponing can seem intimidating, especially if you’re new to the concept, or have only seen the most extreme examples of couponers on TV. Couponing doesn’t have to be scary (we think that scary should be reserved for snakes and spiders) — the most important things to remember are to start slow,

Extreme Couponing: Reality TV vs Reality

  The show “Extreme Couponing” is a reality TV series that follows those who have a passion for couponing, budgeting, and saving money. Or does it? The show, while very entertaining, and sometimes educational, can easily scare the potential casual couponer away from even starting. This show truly portrays the

Best Tactics for Price Matching in 4 Easy Steps

Price matching is a policy implemented by vendors in order to encourage customers to buy products from their store. Essentially, if you find the exact same product at a lower price at a competitor location, the original vendor will match the lower price. Cool, right? The justification on the company’s
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