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A home is generally the largest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime.  While our focus in to help you save money with our coupons, we know that the purpose of saving is often to save for a home or to make monthly payments.  We have various savings calculators on the site, but we thought you’d find this mortgage calculator handy, as well.

About Mortgage Loans
Few purchases hold even half the significance to most adults as that of buying a home. It requires a great deal of research, planning, and forethought. Yet people constantly apply for this type of funding without appropriately understanding how the entire process works. That can end with a loan with a higher rate than necessary or the purchase of a house you regret. This tips can reduce the chances of those sad events, and others as well.
1. Compare Loans on More Than Just Interest: It is easy to forget all of the other fees involved with a mortgage, but that lapse can be costly. Do not be fooled by a fee labeled as “no fee”. All that means is the lender hid the fees with the rates.
2. Don’t Assume About Your Down Payment: Some people are conditioned into believing that, when you buy a house, paying 20% of the total value during the initial stages is simply what is done. Not true. Different loan programs have different requirements, with some qualifying for little down payment or even none at all. Research what is available to you before you assume.
3. Live Within Your Current Means: Never purchase a house that is more than you can comfortably afford based on the idea that your income will go up eventually. Nothing in the future is certain, you could lose your job or change careers. Even if that assumption is correct, it still means years of living in a struggle.
Learn more about mortgage loan types at Home Buying Institute.

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