5 Craft Projects for Halloween


It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just around the corner. In addition to getting the kiddos (and yourself!) a great halloween costume, we think it’s a great time to do some halloween projects and crafts together.  Here are 5 ideas to get you started!


1. Bat Plush Sewing Pattern

This super adorable bat plush is so fun to make. You only need four pattern pieces but you must make sure to place them all correctly. It has a basic shape with a big head and small body. It is so adorable and the kids will love it. This will be something you can use again and again each Halloween. The kids will love cuddling this adorable bat.  Source


2. DIY Monster Slippers 

These Monster slippers are sure to give a fright. You need to use bulky yarn held double and a large hook. You may want to add anti-skid bottoms to ensure you don’t slip. These are so fun the entire family will want a pair. This will give new meaning to ‘Trick or Treat Smell My Feet.’


3. Pumpkin Hat and Pumpkin

This Pumpkin Hat is knitted in the round, ending in a small i-cord on top. This is a sure way to keep your head warm while staying stylish this fall. You will need 40-50 yds/35-45m of pumpkin colored yarn as well as 12 yds/11m of green. You can vary the size so the whole family can have one. This is a great way to make your own little pumpkin patch.


4. Rice Krispy Treat Monsters 

Give your kids a little bit of a fright in their lunchbox this Halloween. Make Rice Krispies as normal. Melt different color candies for different color monsters. Dip the Rice Krispy in the melted candy and add some candy eyes. That’s it!


5. Finger Lickin Good Hot Dogs

This treat is sure to bring a fright to your Halloween dinner. All you need is some hot dogs, ketchup, and buns. Cut the hot dog in half and etch out a piece on the top that resembles a fingernail. Put creases underneath to represent the creases on a finger. Add a little ketchup for blood and your simple hot dog dinner will be the talk of the party.


While hope you love this Halloween crafts list. Check out our coupons for Craftsy before you tackle other fun craft projects.  You may also enjoy our Halloween Guide.

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